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13 July 2005 @ 09:35 am
Busy Busy Busy...  
Hey..yesterdaywas CRAZY!! I got up and went to swim practice and then I cam home changed clothesand went to churc to help Jim work onthe new youth ffice..WE ended up PAINTING! lol that was fun! then after than Kenzie came back to my house and we swam from like4 till around 6:30! then alice came over to get her DDR pad thing! the I atedinner andthen went to Tn Elite for a private tumbling class..if it werent for staying n shape...i woudnt cheer at all!! w/e tho..and then i went to swim practice..then FINALLY came home...whee I worked from 9-11 on my avon orders...too much to do!! well ne ways..its 9:30 am and i juss sent in my order...me and kenzie are gettin ready to go to church.Phiips mommy iscomin to get us at 11..i need some new clothes! lol! we goin to band practice..YAY..hahah (snort snort)<< insider..then after that imgoin home for a while..maybe then going to a guitar lesson om 6-630 then goin t church fom 630 o 7:30 and then from 8-9 ill be at swim practice...well ne ways...peace out yall!
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Aliciaunplugged1390 on July 21st, 2005 10:53 pm (UTC)
Hey Lisha! It's Lisha Beesh! Yeah, me. I found you!!!

Your days tire me because you have A LOT of stuff to do!